Music Ministry

Mission Statement

To Provide Covenant Partners & visitors of International Worship Center & Faith Ministries the opportunity to express to God their love and honour for Him.
Statement of Purpose

To glorify the Lord; to communicate to Him their innermost expressions; seeking the Lord and ministering unto the Lord, through music.
Ministry Goal
To provide the opportunity to express to God our love, honour and to glorify him. We do this by communicating our innermost expressions; ministering unto Him in songs, dance etc. as a public act of worship to Him; and provide an opportunity for others to develop their talents as an expression of Worship to God and in so doing make themselves available to be used by the Holy Spirit; ushering his presence.
The Music Ministry

The Music Ministry comprises of the Praise & Worship Teams, The Choir and Youth Chorale. We believe that the Lord uses music in the worship service to give more meaning and significance to the act of worship.
What we aim to accomplish

Worship can be expressed as an act of adoration, praising the Lord, giving thanks, praying, humbling of self, and selfish desires, consecration and purification of heart mediation devotion and commitment to the Lord
– Is. 6:1-8
The Act of worship is the opportunity to express to God one’s love and honour to glorify the Lord; to communicate to Him the deep things on one’s inmost being; seeking the Lord (pursuing and reaching out to the heart of God).

  • Acting as host for God
  • Doing the work of evangelism

1 Chron. 15; 1 Chron 16; 1Chron 25.