The legal representative of The Kingdom of Heaven on the earth.


One of the reasons the devil is afraid of you understanding the message of the kingdom it’s because kingdom authority and power ousted him from heaven. Michael the chief military angel lead the offensive against Lucifer and his angels and the Bible says, there was found no place for him in heaven. Our lord describes it, I saw Satan fell like lightning from heaven. Luke 10: 18-20. Now watch this carefully, the same angels who throw the devil out of heaven are available today at the request of the citizens of the kingdom of God, to get the devil and his angels off of this planet, off of your marriage, your finance, your body, your children; how do you know that Bishop? The kingdom constitution, the Bible, recorded an historic event in the life of our elder brother Jesus our Lord, it says, a huge mob with soldiers from the Roman Empire came for our Lord Jesus and Peter drew his sword to defend Jesus and Jesus said put up your sword …., I can request of my father and he would give me more than twelve legion of angels … Matthew 26:52-53.

Home country, the government of God, can dispatch angels at my request. The Bible tells me that we are citizens and ambassadors of the kingdom of God, and joint heir with the king, the same angels that cast out the devil and his angels are waiting your commands. I give you the keys (authority) of the kingdom of Heaven that what you bind on earth is bound in heaven and what you loosed on earth is loosed in heaven. The church is the Executive arm of the Kingdom of God on the earth. 

We are the ones to get what is in heaven to come to earth. We are the legal representative of the kingdom of heaven on the earth.